At First Magic Neighbors Meant One Thing but then was Transformed into Another

Flashbacks of Discovering We Had the Key All Along

So I am having flashbacks to the Magic Neighbors Touring Troupe going from branch to branch. Helping us with the venture was an actual Librarian from the New York Public Library. We also did DigiComArts Workshops together at a midtown branch on the east side.

Shocking? No. Funny Maybe

When we purchased our condo it turns out it was filled with lots of chaotic individuals who thankfully no longer live here, and things are more peaceful now. But I do wish them the best with whatever it is that they are pursuing and hope they have found what they are looking for.

Why Mention All That?

Well initially the term “Magic Neighbors” was a kind of code for the prior neighbors. “Magic” being used sarcastically in the beginning. And as it turned out, purely by coincidence, was the discovery of a Lisa Germano tune called “Magic Neighbor,” that also seemed to have an eye roll toward “Magic.” We do not know her personally but it did seem interesting in terms of the origin story.

But After Doing More than Enough Eye Rolling..

After a while, during a period that we were staging a lot of creative events in Upper Manhattan, NYC. the term “Magic Neighbors” shed its sarcastic skin and started to mean magical neighbors, good neighbors and happy neighbors.

And then We Decided to Take Our Touring Trip to Various branches of the New York Pubic Library both in both Manhattan and the Bronx

It was super great. Felt good to share magic tricks, puppetry, storytelling a traveling red velvet back drop and our then three year old daughter in the middle of the show walking onto the designated “stage area” it was fun. All around a great experience including performing for kids whose parents were homeless.