Manhattan Magician Joins the Society of American Magicians

Although their website did not come until later, Magic Neighbors was founded as a performing arts troupe in 2009, putting on shows primarily in New York Public Library branches

And from the very beginning, the theater projects Magic Neighbors took on had to do with, what else, magic.

So, in keeping with the tradition of celebrating magic, Magic Neighbors’ founder, who is known by his stage name Manhattan Magician, recently joined the Society of American Magicians.

Manhattan Magician was a professional conjurer in his early years which ultimately lead to him becoming a web designer, digital marketer and blogger. He was deeply impacted by Harry Houdini who he not only considers to be the greatest prestidigitator who ever lived, but also a brilliant marketer.

The evidence of Houdini’s ability to promote himself can be found by the fact that we are still talking about him today even though he passed away on Halloween, 1926.

One of the reasons that Manhattan Magician joined S.A.M. is because after the summer break is over he will be auditioning to become a member of the New York City chapter that was once presided over by Houdini himself.

This NYC based enclave is known as being Parent Assembly 001, the first of many all across the world.