Building Back

From the very beginning, several years ago, Magic Neighbors were the key component of why doing match up between residents as well as local businesses, because those who lived in Inwood Manhattan were motivated to make purchases local. And although with the Pandemic, inflation and more, some of this special relationship between neighbors and small businesses shifted, now it is beginning to build back again.

Favorites in the Community

Did you realize, that if you know what you are doing you can have access to free resources that in conjunction with special hacks can result in you getting, at no cost, knowledge of and how to find new customers? Many of the local businesses in this unique Northern Manhattan section of NYC, felt the negative impact of the pandemic. Some of them were major favorites with the community,.

Getting through the Difficult Days

But pre COVID, but because these businesses were dependent on the in-person approach, many of these jewels of entrepreneurism had to close eventually. Some though, were able to add digital to their offerings, where customers could be a part of a group from the neighborhood, through streaming video means. This strategy worked for some and not for others. If you are a small business in a community somewhere in the U.S., were you able to leverage digital to get back on track? Please let us know if the power of Magic Neighbors got you through this very difficult section of time.