How to Start Your Career as a Magic Author

You have several options these days for getting into the area of being a magic author. One way is to self-publish. There is a lot of information out there on how to write and market your own eBooks. And once you write your book you can sell it through online shops ranging from those that have a section for magic, through to sites that just sell magic books on the web.

Magic Books Sold by Retailers

There still is a market, though it is now a lot smaller, for writing and selling conjuring materials through magic retailers, as in offline and online shops. One thing you could do would be to put together a digital promotion kit on your book, then research to obtain a list of magic entities throughout the country, to contact via email and present your work. You can also attend physically or online, magic conventions to meet, get to know and build up your contact list.

Internet Age

As is the case in these days of the web, with some online research you can discover several ways to market and sell your educational wares. The goal is to think creatively and outside of the box, to come up with untapped markets to offer your publications for purchase.

Being a Celebrity Magician

Shifting gears, a bit, maybe you want to be a world-famous magician and mentalist. It goes without saying that becoming a celebrity is not the easiest of tasks. That said, any aspect of magic as well as life is tough, so facing the uphill battle of becoming recognized, depending on your personality and outlook, is a possibility.

What it Takes to Become Rich and Famous

It might seem a little bit silly to include “Celebrity” as an option of a kind of performer. As in all versions of celebrity, including actors, politicians, and other highly visible types of people, you must believe you can be famous and want it enough to keep moving forward, with a blinders level focus.

Believe, Believe and Believe

If you do not believe you can achieve celebrity, there is more than a 99.99 percent chance you will not. But if you do believe it and have drive too, your shot at it goes up a little bit. The missing ingredient that most magicians and actors who just have belief and drive need, is the innate ability to network up without pissing off too many people along the way.