The “Magic Neighbors” project started more than a decade ago, and within a few years we had a couple of websites, community based publications. Well now more than 10 years later we have 75 websites under the Blog Coalition moniker.

All the sites have a blog component. And even though the site only started on April Fools Day, 2023, the Ask AI Guy has become a keystone quickly in the collection, because it probably best describes our interests now. Our vision still has to do with communities, but also through the lens of AI (Artificial Intelligence).

And as of this writing, it has not even been three months since that April Fools Day start. It should be mentioned that the Ask AI Guy concept is a little over the top, but we are also looking at ethics in AI with the Be Good Awards coming soon, drawing from what some of you may remember, which is the Platin PIAs (People I Admire) Community Awards Show.

The concept of “Magic Neighbors” underscores the importance of audience understanding in your prompt engineering career. Visualize the takeaway for your “Magic Neighbors” from your prompts, which could entertain, educate, or inspire, resonating with their interests. Networking and sharing prompts within your digital neighborhood provide valuable feedback and visibility, which are vital for skill enhancement.

Constant improvement and diversification of prompts ensure you cater to various demographics within your “Magic Neighbors,” broadening your audience and skill set. A well-crafted portfolio, built over time, showcases your abilities and the range of topics you can cover, serving as an essential marketing tool.

Consistency in prompt creation sharpens skills, explores different topics, and sustains audience engagement. Staying informed about trends and interests in your “Magic Neighbors” improves the relevance of your prompts, allowing them to resonate more deeply with your audience.

After honing your skills and building a substantial portfolio, consider turning your prompt engineering into a business, offering services within your community.

Remember that the journey to becoming a prompt engineer involves continuous learning and adaptation to ensure relevance and stay ahead in the field as AI and audience interests evolve.