Technology has transformed many industries, and the Magic Neighbors program could now incorporate talk of tech, AI, and machine learning into its storylines, while still keeping the focus on the importance of books, reading, research, knowledge, education, history, and archives.

Art and culture have always been closely linked to literature, and the Magic Neighbors program can continue to showcase rare books, digital collections, and public domain works, while also highlighting the resources available at the Mid-Manhattan Library and the Schomburg Center.

As visitors to the main branch of the New York Library locations make their way to the research libraries and the Humanities and Social Sciences Library, they cannot miss the famous lion statues, Patience and Fortitude, guarding the entrance. These iconic symbols of the New York Public Library are just steps away from Bryant Park, a beautiful green space that is perfect for reading and studying. Inside the library, visitors can explore the Rose Reading Room, filled with manuscripts, genealogy resources, and special collections.

In addition to the vast collection of books and archives, the library also offers resources for those interested in the performing arts, including music, dance, theater, film, and sound recordings. Photographs, drawings, prints, maps, and atlases are also available for research purposes. The Manuscripts and Archives Division houses personal papers, rare books, and special collections that are important for research and preservation.

The library also offers programs and exhibitions for visitors, including lectures and workshops on various topics. Over the years this also included the traveling troupe known as the Magic Neighbors doing storytelling and magic for families in various Manhattan branches as well as one in the Bronx.

The first branch that the group performed in was the Inwood Manhattan branch that at the time of this writing was torn down and living quarters are being created that apparently in part will be for affordable housing. Also in talk is if a library will be brought back to this Northern Manhattan area.

In the early days in Inwood Manhattan the company partnered with small businesses as a way to work toward bringing the community together. Were this to be done today, it would likely integrate AI (Artificial Intelligence) to show how magical tech has become.

In conclusion, the Magic Neighbors program and the New York Public Library are both dedicated to preserving and sharing knowledge and culture with the world. By embracing new technologies such as AI, they can continue to engage and excite audiences while preserving important resources for future generations.