Did Harry Potter Leave His Glasses at Your Pool?

Bit of a Tan

Okay you did it. You broke down and accepted being a part of the hype when you asked Mr. Potter over for a dip. After racing him in the water a few times (making certain to let him win), you two agreed on a chat and laid down on chairs for a bit of a tan.

You Knew it Already

In your conversation you asked Harry the things you always wanted to know such as “What’s it like being so famous?” and “What is your favorite food?” And because H.P. is a good magic neighbor you listened in its entirety his life story which you already knew because you had read the books.

Time to Say “Goodbye”

With prodding Harry Potter did reveal some things you had never heard before. Mostly about the writer of the series and how she had created his story in the first place. The young magician began to visibly sweat as he continued  talking and brought up that the writer came from very challenging times and managed to write an outline and books despite (or maybe because of) the these distractions. Now that you were talking about this topic, Potter had had enough and said he had to leave. You nodded that you understood and said your goodbyes.

Note to Self

Minutes later you saw his spectacles had been forgotten. You knew Harry would be back to talk again. Though next time around it is advisable when speaking with him that you don’t bring up “Jo” again.  Storybook characters like to be in denial of the fact that they are fictional characters.

The Evolution of Striving to be a Magic Neighbor

As seen in a current  edition of Lights Camera Read, there is a striving to be a magic neighbor, a role model. And in this blog entry for “Magic Neighbors” we are looking at the process of striving to be a magic neighbor and are borrowing a quote from LCR of Ralph Waldo Emerson.

“Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

Innovation in the Creation of Workshops

Magic Neighbors of the Past

When our daughter was a toddler we did a lot of community outreach activities in Washington Heights and Inwood in Manhattan, NY. Our Magic Neighbors theater company was an outgrowth of that as we began to do a combination of magic show and the telling of stories, for kids in need such as those whose parents are homeless.

Online Projects

And now with the Pandemic surrounding us, much of our community building activities occur online with projects involving our now middle school age daughter, such as Harry Potter Fan Club NYC, Disneyite  and more.

And Now in the Present

If you have anything you are doing that integrates the concept of “Magic Neighbors” please let us know so you can share your adventures with others.


Magic Neighbors are Magic Neighbors


When we started this publication some time ago we knew that we wanted to look at our neighborhood and depict what we saw in it. There has been a lot of unrest lately but with a very good cause: justice.

For All

Justice means that everyone deserves having it. It should not just be designated to one each and every neighbor and not just be regulated for a chosen few.

Promises Need to Be Kept

Without justice we are not America. The United States is founded on the idea of equality and opportunity for all. Lately there has been a call for the fulfilment of those promises. We indeed have magic neighbors.

Magic Neighbors: Where Have all the Grownups Gone?

The Politicians Governing our Neighborhoods

New York City is my neighborhood. This website, Magic Neighbors at MagicNeighbors.com, was established to have a forum to talk about neighbors and neighborhoods and whether they were “magic” or not. I have to admit that I watched the most recent democratic debate and none of the participants seemed very “magic” to me. In some ways I watched the debate hoping to see stability in the candidates. I have to admit that Manhattan Magician’s consideration of adding a persona, had me feeling a bit out of whack.

Magic Debaters?

In many ways the debaters were trying to define their own ideas of “neighborhood” and “community” and what version they would it promote if elected. And sadly, I have  to say, I wasn’t much impressed with any of the candidates. They weren’t magic to me and each one appeared to have a major achiles heal.

Is Democracy Alive and Well?

In short, I wasn’t proud to be a Democrat. There wasn’t an adult present in the debate and it just seemed like a bunch of 7th graders (or maybe worse) who were saying whatever they thought would play right with the crowd. Seeming to make it up as they went along.

Where Have All the Grownups Gone?

And unfortunately I see this same kind of thing playing out with local politicians in our neighborhood here in Upper Manhattan. Now there’s nothing new with politicians saying what they think you want to hear (especially before an election), but the problem of there not being an adult in the room is pervasive. Advertising to me used to feel as if it had a certain maturity. I think the promotional organization Market Your Journey is in a way making promotion more accountable. They literally leverage your story, your truth.

Are You an Adult?

When I was a kid in a neighborhood in California, it seemed as if there were some actual grown ups around. There appeared to be people who had values and outlooks who were stable and responsible. I believe we need more of this in this day and age. There is the need for people who actually have the maturity to be called an adult.

Events We Do

Of course I strive to be this myself but am not always successful. In our current neighborhood, my partner and I have the goal to give back to the community. This comes with a price though because in the act of giving back, such as literally handing out free things, there seems to be an entitlement on the end of those receiving the free things.

A Crazed Mob

At some events we’ve done, both the young attendees and their parents have manically and in a frenzy come at us as we’re giving away free stuff. It’s like a crazed mob. The parents as manic as the kids. Is this being magic neighbors? Where have all the grownups gone?