Magic Can Be for Grownups Too

One of the founders of Magic Neighbors recently performed for a well known magic society, not for kids as Magic Neighbors projects often are created for, but rather a breed of hocus pocus primarily done for adults known as mentalism. This performance marked a new direction Magic Neighbors is considering moving toward which is an older audience, possibly via video because of the Pandemic.

Unusual Sources of Donations for Your Group

If your group is like our, Magic Neighbors,” chances are that funding is very important. It is an especially challenging task to take on now so you need to think out of the box. Our current unusual source of donations is in creating and marketing our own eBook. You can do this too!

You need to create an Amazon KDP Account Kindle Direct Publishing) account with Amazon. You can sign up for this for free at the following link (If you already have an account with Amazon, you can use the same login details.).

The information given at the time of writing this coincides with how Amazon accepts written works. These are subject of change so be sure to double check that this is still the method of choice.

You can also sell your eBook on your website if you haven’t signed an exclusive agreement with Amazon. The format for this approach is a PDF file. You an either convert Word to a PDF or if you are using a free account of Google docs, you can export your file as a PDF also. In terms of what programs to use to create a download process for your site, varies among many such as DPD. Just do a search to find the solution that works best for you.

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You can create a blog or website just for selling your download or set up for downloads on your existing one.

SPECIAL NOTE: it can be expensive setting up your own eCommerce solution with monthly charges. One suggestion for how to proceed is to first test out your product, such as on Amazon, and then if it seems like you have a successful venture, next move to set up your own eCommerce entity. One of the benefits of having your own eCommerce solution versus working with the third party provider is that you will have more control over your eCommerce activities.

Enter the Magic Castle

What is the Castle?

No, we’re not talking about the Magic Castle in Los Angeles  where magic entertainers perform, we’re referencing the Magic Castle of Magic Neighbors fame. The castle was a metaphorical  place that the crew of actors and artisans  created their magic.


Times have changed. The Magic Neighbors Theater Company members are not performing at libraries for kids these days because of the Coronavirus and the fact that groups of children and grownups can’t gather for a show. So instead, those of the M.N. troupe are concentrating on becoming MagicPreneurs.

Where to Focus

Anyone who is a magician or performer or even a person interested in magic can become a MagicPreneur. It means not just focusing on your art, but also looking at the business aspect as seen at MagicPreneur headquarters.

New Path

Even in these days of COVID-19, becoming a MagicPreneur offers a solution to those who are magic and entrepreneurs can get help by examining the world of commerce rather than just the domain of the virus. So get on the new path for magicians and enter the Magic Castle.

More on Harry Houdini as a Marketer

Learn more about how Houdini put a spin on being a Ghost Buster.

Hello Fellow ArtisticPreneur!

When performing with the Magic Neighbors Troop I sometimes get asked “How did the group start?” And aside from my desire for making a difference in the community through entertainment I was also heavily influenced by my idol Harry Houdini. One of the most important aspects of what Houdini achieved in his short lifetime (he died at age 52) was his ability to market himself.

Houdini is Back

About a year ago we did a newsletter on magician/escape artist Harry Houdini (1874-1926) regarding his uncanny ability with advertising/publicity and ultimately as an ArtisticPreneur. As we described in a past edition he was a master at getting publicity by doing publicity stunts like hanging upside down in a straight jacket in the middle of a town square (possibly his best known stunt).

Ghost Busters

We are revisiting that topic, this time to look at the approach to promotion that Houdini used later in his life after shedding his more physically challenging routines. Instead we going to look at Harry Houdini the Ghost Buster. The difference between Houdini and the Ghost Busters of cinema fame is that he busted not the ghosts by the fraudulent mediums/psychics who falsely claimed they could cause spirits to rise from the dead.

It All Started with an Idea

Houdini made the claim that he could imitate with trickery any effect that those with so called sixth sense could do. This was a brilliant move on his part because he was able to join up with scientific organizations and even offer a reward for any medium or psychic who could do with her or his “powers” something Houdini couldn’t replicate using magic tricks from his conjurer’s toolbox.

Publicity Generating

This approach won for him being constantly in the papers, as well as intrigued the general public. Plus, as a tie-in he was able to offer demonstrations of ghostly effects for his audiences of his live shows. Why do I bring this up? Because the topic is still relevant today. As I type this on my mini laptop I am currently sitting on the floor outside of my hotel room at a family resort while our room is being cleaned..


Earlier today along with my wife and our 10 year old daughter I was watching  television in our hotel room and discovered that much of the content as we flipped through the channels was about people trying to catch apparitions on camera. These so called “reality shows” consisted of bad acting and the no light camera setting that makes everything look greenish and strange.

What is the Point I am Making?

Nobody ever seemed to catch the ghost on camera unless it was really hard to see or was through testimonials of supposed witnesses. But incredibly these shows are successful because there is interest in them.
So am I saying that magicians should try to make a name for themselves through revealing mediums’ tricks of the psychic’s trade? Not at all.

S.A.M. Meeting

In fact, recently at a meeting of the Society of American Magician’s PA1 (the chapter that Houdini was once the president of) I overheard a conversation between two magicians discussing the downside of revealing the secrets of fake psychics, both because it broke the conjurer’s code but also because there have been lawsuits by mediums/psychics against magicians for taking away their bread and butter.

The Challenge

No, I do not mean one should “out” psychics and other paranormal fakers. Rather, I am challenging all of us (myself included) to think of compelling stories that we can tell that will excite audiences and build visibility. This is an important concept that my brother Mark and I have been utilizing for years.  Think of it this way, Harry Houdini told stories decades ago that still have a tremendous impact and he didn’t even have social media!

The Magic Neighbors Theater Company Presents 7 Blog Posts About ArtisticPreneurs

In this special edition of the Magic Neighbors we explore 7 blog posts about ArtisticPreneurs.

Magic Neighbors Presents

Although we’ve never said it in print, as a theater company that performs magic stories for kids, we consider ourselves to be ArtisticPreneurs. Hence this week we are presenting 7 blogs posts about ArtisticPreneurs from all over the web. Enjoy!

The Push by DigiComArts to Develop a Source of eBooks for ArtisticPreneurs

DigiComArts is probably best known as having co-produced (along with Video Film Web and the Platinum PIAs) the New York Public Library Digital Media Workshop Series. DigiComArts has been helping considerably with the push to get Art Gush going as an instant digital download provider of eBooks made especially for ArtisticPreneurs. An example of an ArtisticPreneur eBook (and among the topics of the latest DigiComArts post) is a work in progress publication entitled “Exclusively for ArtisticPreneurs: How to Get More New Customers, Clients and Fans in 5 Easy Steps.”

DigiRefer Seeks More ArtisticPreneurs

Also in ArtisticPreneur news is that the new freelance website called DigiRefer (as in “Digitally Refering”) is actively searching for more ArtisticPreneurs who have Digital Marketing skills to help other ArtisticPreneurs with their promotional efforts.

DocuMystery Offers up for ArtisticPreneur Filmmakers a No Budget Method

Maybe you’re an ArtisticPreneur who is interested in making feature length movies on no budget? DocuMystery covers some basics to help you with that journey.

The Entertainment Entrepreneurship Website has a Post About Celebrities

Ever wondered how some celebrities make extra money? Why they become ArtisticPreneurs of course! In this brief article, Entertainment Entrepreneurship explores how some famous folks have an ArtisticPreneurial approach!

Harry Potter Fan Club NYC Talks About Harry Potter on Broadway!

If you’re an ArtisticPreneur who lives in or visits New York City, then you’ve got to see the new two night play on Broadway entitled “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.” In some ways the success of the Harry Potter franchise is a lesson, especially for introverted ArtisticPreneurs, that you can be shy (as it is reported that author Ms. Rowling is) and still make your mark.

Inwood Manhattan, a Place for NY Up and Coming ArtisticPreneurs to Live

Those of you who live in and around New York City have probably noticed that rents in Manhattan are quite high. But thankfully there is still one area in NY, NY that is affordable. It’s called Inwood Manhattan.

Lights Camera Read and its ArtisticPreneur Introverted Blogger

J. K. Rowling isn’t the only introverted (possibly) writer around. So is, it seems, the main blogger at Lights Camera Read. This young woman, whose identity is withheld, opens up about being a shy ArtisticPreneur and blogger.

As We Close

So that’s the latest ArtisticPreneur news and blogs we have to offer. If you have an idea for a blog post that is about ArtisticPreneurs, feel free to reach out to us!