When You Don’t Have Magic Neighbors: Best Practices for Community Conflict Resolution Between Neighbors

Introduction We often dream of living in a neighborhood akin to fictional tales where disagreements magically resolve and everyone lives in harmony. In reality, community disputes are an inevitable part of human interaction. Addressing these disputes head-on, with respect and understanding, is essential for maintaining a peaceful coexistence. This article offers best practices for resolving […]

Magicians Call What they Say When they Perform, “Patter” so When Performing for Your Community will AI (Artificial Intelligence) Change Your Magic Effects Presentation?

The Evolution of Magic’s Intimate Side Magic, as an art, is not confined to the grand theatrics of a theater or stage. Close-up magic, performed inches away from the viewer, has its own charm, establishing a direct connection between the magician and the observer. In this intimate world of magic, precision and personalization reign supreme. […]

Your Magic Neighbors are Your Audience and Future Customers

AI marketing is revolutionizing the way we understand and engage with our audience. Just as a well-connected neighborhood thrives on familiarity and strong relationships, so does an effective marketing community. The novel concept of “Magic Neighbors” leverages the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to create this sense of community, fostering an environment that allows you […]

End of a Magical Era and the Beginning of an AI One

Technology has transformed many industries, and the Magic Neighbors program could now incorporate talk of tech, AI, and machine learning into its storylines, while still keeping the focus on the importance of books, reading, research, knowledge, education, history, and archives. Art and culture have always been closely linked to literature, and the Magic Neighbors program […]

The Necessary Way to Approach Studying and Practicing to Become a Professional Magician and then Do Your Own Projects Like Putting Together Your Version of the Traveling “Magic Neighbors” Troupe that Appeared in Performance at Several Branches of the New York Public Library

Flashbacks of Discovering We Had the Key All Along So I am having flashbacks to the Magic Neighbors Touring Troupe going from branch to branch. Helping us with the venture was an actual Librarian from the New York Public Library. We also did DigiComArts Workshops together at a midtown branch on the east side. Shocking? […]

Magic Neighbors are a Good thing For Small Businesses

Building Back From the very beginning, several years ago, Magic Neighbors were the key component of why doing match up between residents as well as local businesses, because those who lived in Inwood Manhattan were motivated to make purchases local. And although with the Pandemic, inflation and more, some of this special relationship between neighbors […]