Magic Neighbors Who Have Community Theater Companies Might Benefit From a Free Blog

Magic Neighbors Will You Network as You Use Your Free Blog? Hello Magic Neighbors, or more specifically, Magic Neighbors who are currently making a difference in their communities via theater arts. We give thanks to you for entertaining those in your community. Performance is an important way to bring people together. A communal performance experience […]

The Relationship that Prestidigitation has to Marketing

Passing Out the Magic The Magic Neighbors Troupe was a traveling magic and puppet show that performed at various New York Public Libraries (NYPL) for families and kids. Kids are more apt to believe that magic is real than grownups are. As adults we tend to get more cynical and practical and break away from […]

Yianni Stamas talks about Magic Neighbors and the 4th Day of Christmas

Diversity of Holidays I just finished talking with my wife about “Four Calling Birds” and how in the 12 days of Christmas song the line used to be “Four Colly Birds.” If we were still performing regularly with the Magic Neighbors troupe doing New York Public Library performances, we might have integrated this fact and […]

Did Harry Potter Leave His Glasses at Your Pool?

Bit of a Tan Okay you did it. You broke down and accepted being a part of the hype when you asked Mr. Potter over for a dip. After racing him in the water a few times (making certain to let him win), you two agreed on a chat and laid down on chairs for […]

Magic Can Be for Grownups Too

One of the founders of Magic Neighbors recently performed for a well known magic society, not for kids as Magic Neighbors projects often are created for, but rather a breed of hocus pocus primarily done for adults known as mentalism. This performance marked a new direction Magic Neighbors is considering moving toward which is an […]

Unusual Sources of Donations for Your Group

If your group is like our, Magic Neighbors,” chances are that funding is very important. It is an especially challenging task to take on now so you need to think out of the box. Our current unusual source of donations is in creating and marketing our own eBook. You can do this too! You need […]

The Evolution of Striving to be a Magic Neighbor

“Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson Magic Neighbors of the Past When our daughter was a toddler we did a lot of community outreach activities in Washington Heights and Inwood in Manhattan, NY. Our Magic Neighbors theater company was […]

Magic Neighbors are Magic Neighbors

Justice When we started this publication some time ago we knew that we wanted to look at our neighborhood and depict what we saw in it. There has been a lot of unrest lately but with a very good cause: justice. For All Justice means that everyone deserves having it. It should not just be […]

When I was a Kid

Making it Through Childhood When I was a kid magic actually saved me. It became pretty clear to me early on that no one was driving this boat and I needed to rely on my own means of self medicating my youth. That solution was conjuring. Being a prestidigitator gave me a singular focus, and […]