The 7 step Cause Marketing Strategy we are about to show you, might be right for you if you are a small business owner who has a passion for a particular cause that transforms peoples’ lives for the better. The 7 steps will be easy for some and not so simple for others. But either way, it truly is not that difficult in the big picture. And of course, you could always get help with doing it. Plus, it’s all for a good cause, which is to help your Magic Neighbors.

1. Volunteers
At the start of this blog post, we mentioned that a great way to assist the nonprofit you have elected to support, bringing in your employers can be a workable idea to consider, that includes getting the enthusiastic buy in for your teams’ participation. If you are a solopreneur, you can of course volunteer yourself. It is important to note, that especially in these times of the new variant Omicron, you might want to consider virtual volunteering rather than in-person.

2. Search
If you do not yet have one and need to find the right nonprofit organization to partner with, a great place to start is using you search engine of choice. Before you actually begin to seek, it is often a good idea to make a list of characteristics you are looking for. Often for best results both for your business and the organization you select, is to look for a group that has a cause you share a passion with. That way you will have the motivation and energy to keep moving forward. Another component to think about is that both your nonprofit and your business somehow connect. Depending on your industry, coming up with keywords for it can sometimes help zero in on a partner. The concept is that one of the words might trigger and idea for a partner.

3. Donations
There is always the option of monetary support of the organization you are sponsoring. If you wish to do this approach rather than sweat equity, you will still be able to integrate the industry into a campaign, that might also include the organization you have chosen.

4. Promote
We have mentioned the possibility of having a marketing campaign. Do not worry, something can be pulled together that is low or no cost. The limits are only your imagination and willingness to spend time. In this instance using all all free marketing tools, means the “free” stems from you putting in the work without having to spend actual currency. The tools that you have gotten either for free or paid can be patchworked together in a single message campaign. Let the viewers know why the nonprofit’s mission and cause is very important to you because of a personal connection to it. Then tell that story revealing why you are involved with helping along this particular cause.

5. Action
With the focus to both talk about you being very suportive ot the nonprofit organization and why that particular cause is very important to you. In a simple and not overdone manner, be sure to be clear about your business and how it is connected in various ways with the organization. Don’t forget the CTA (Call to Action) telling the viewers at the end of the presentation, step by step what you want them to you. The offer could be to help others donate to the organization. Or, even be that for every product/service that those watching make, a portion will go to the organization.

6. Pay?
You likely have come to the conclusion that nothing is truly free, but in this instance, you have two ways to pay for the online marketing tools that you will need for your campaign. The first way is to buy them with money. The “free” way is to put the time and effort into researching and learning how to use the no cost tools include email marketing, SEO, website builders and more.

7. Free?
The surprisingly best kept secret is that you can get all these forms of promotion for free by searching for tool providers that offer a free version of what you are looking for. There are literally hundreds and hundreds maybe even thousands of companies that have an entirely free option of their paid offerings. Why do this? It is usually because they think that you might eventually decide to go premium thereby getting an expansion of what is possible.

Because it feels good to help your Magic Neighbors.