The Magic Neighbors Theater Company Presents 7 Blog Posts About ArtisticPreneurs

In this special edition of the Magic Neighbors we explore 7 blog posts about ArtisticPreneurs.

Magic Neighbors Presents

Although we’ve never said it in print, as a theater company that performs magic stories for kids, we consider ourselves to be ArtisticPreneurs. Hence this week we are presenting 7 blogs posts about ArtisticPreneurs from all over the web. Enjoy!

The Push by DigiComArts to Develop a Source of eBooks for ArtisticPreneurs

DigiComArts is probably best known as having co-produced (along with Video Film Web and the Platinum PIAs) the New York Public Library Digital Media Workshop Series. DigiComArts has been helping considerably with the push to get Art Gush going as an instant digital download provider of eBooks made especially for ArtisticPreneurs. An example of an ArtisticPreneur eBook (and among the topics of the latest DigiComArts post) is a work in progress publication entitled “Exclusively for ArtisticPreneurs: How to Get More New Customers, Clients and Fans in 5 Easy Steps.”

DigiRefer Seeks More ArtisticPreneurs

Also in ArtisticPreneur news is that the new freelance website called DigiRefer (as in “Digitally Refering”) is actively searching for more ArtisticPreneurs who have Digital Marketing skills to help other ArtisticPreneurs with their promotional efforts.

DocuMystery Offers up for ArtisticPreneur Filmmakers a No Budget Method

Maybe you’re an ArtisticPreneur who is interested in making feature length movies on no budget? DocuMystery covers some basics to help you with that journey.

The Entertainment Entrepreneurship Website has a Post About Celebrities

Ever wondered how some celebrities make extra money? Why they become ArtisticPreneurs of course! In this brief article, Entertainment Entrepreneurship explores how some famous folks have an ArtisticPreneurial approach!

Harry Potter Fan Club NYC Talks About Harry Potter on Broadway!

If you’re an ArtisticPreneur who lives in or visits New York City, then you’ve got to see the new two night play on Broadway entitled “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.” In some ways the success of the Harry Potter franchise is a lesson, especially for introverted ArtisticPreneurs, that you can be shy (as it is reported that author Ms. Rowling is) and still make your mark.

Inwood Manhattan, a Place for NY Up and Coming ArtisticPreneurs to Live

Those of you who live in and around New York City have probably noticed that rents in Manhattan are quite high. But thankfully there is still one area in NY, NY that is affordable. It’s called Inwood Manhattan.

Lights Camera Read and its ArtisticPreneur Introverted Blogger

J. K. Rowling isn’t the only introverted (possibly) writer around. So is, it seems, the main blogger at Lights Camera Read. This young woman, whose identity is withheld, opens up about being a shy ArtisticPreneur and blogger.

As We Close

So that’s the latest ArtisticPreneur news and blogs we have to offer. If you have an idea for a blog post that is about ArtisticPreneurs, feel free to reach out to us!