Magic Neighbors Theater for Kids and Other Theater Companies Across the Boroughs

Pied Piper Children's Theatre
Pied Piper Children’s Theatre is a beloved staple of the Inwood Washington Heights neighborhoods of Manhattan.Theater in Unexpected Places

We got a great response from the post we did last time, so we’re going to do something similar. The former blog entry here at the Magic Neighbors Theater Company for kids, was a look at theater companies – both for grownups and kids – that are in our neighborhood which is Inwood Manhattan. These companies, like ours, would often be performing their work in environments that are usually not associated with theater. For example most of our shows have been in various branches of the New York Public Library. This same idea can be found in another Inwood Manhattan kids theater company. And this company’s unusual place to perform is in Inwood’s Holy Trinity Church. Here’s an excerpt from our coverage from last time as seen on their FaceBook page:

“The Pied Piper Children’s Theatre is committed to creating a non-threatening environment where children and adolescents explore their creativity, learn new theatrical and musical skills, and develop artistic values such as self-discipline, teamwork, commitment and leadership; helping them excel in all aspects of daily life and in their future professions.”

New York City Children’s Theater

Stepping outside of our neighborhood in Inwood Manhattan there are many other theater companies for kids. One of these is New York City Children’s Theater:

“New York Children’s Theater is a nonprofit organization (formerly Making Books Sing) that creates original, entertaining and enriching theater for young audiences and adults to enjoy together. We believe a city as culturally rich as New York needs a children’s theater that produces high-quality original productions and develops robust arts-in-education programs, serving children in all communities across the five boroughs.”

Brooklyn Children’s Theatre

Stepping further out from our Northern Manhattan location and going clear to the other side, and even to a different borough, we find ourselves at Brooklyn Children’s Theater. They are very mission driven as can be seen here:

“We especially seek the participation of students who have a gift to give the art of theatre who would not otherwise have theater or performance opportunities, due to economic or cultural barriers or lack of resources in their schools and communities. BCT fulfills an underfunded need in which all students are welcome, regardless of their economic situation. No child has ever been refused for an inability to pay.”

Why Kids Theater?

Great character building and literacy skills come from kids performing theater. It can be quite an adventure for a child to grapple with all the phases that a production requires. And it’s an experience that they will remember for the rest of their lives.