The Necessary Way to Approach Studying and Practicing to Become a Professional Magician and then Do Your Own Projects Like Putting Together Your Version of the Traveling “Magic Neighbors” Troupe that Appeared in Performance at Several Branches of the New York Public Library

At First Magic Neighbors Meant One Thing but then was Transformed into Another

Flashbacks of Discovering We Had the Key All Along

So I am having flashbacks to the Magic Neighbors Touring Troupe going from branch to branch. Helping us with the venture was an actual Librarian from the New York Public Library. We also did DigiComArts Workshops together at a midtown branch on the east side.

Shocking? No. Funny Maybe

When we purchased our condo it turns out it was filled with lots of chaotic individuals who thankfully no longer live here, and things are more peaceful now. But I do wish them the best with whatever it is that they are pursuing and hope they have found what they are looking for.

Why Mention All That?

Well initially the term “Magic Neighbors” was a kind of code for the prior neighbors. “Magic” being used sarcastically in the beginning. And as it turned out, purely by coincidence, was the discovery of a Lisa Germano tune called “Magic Neighbor,” that also seemed to have an eye roll toward “Magic.” We do not know her personally but it did seem kind of funny in terms of the origin story.

But After Doing More than Enough Eye Rolling..

After a while, during a period that we were staging a lot of creative events in Upper Manhattan, NYC. the term “Magic Neighbors” shed its sarcastic skin and started to mean magical neighbors, good neighbors and happy neighbors.

And then We Decided to Take Our Touring Trip to Various branches of the New York Pubic Library both in both Manhattan and the Bronx

It was super great. Felt good to share magic tricks, puppetry, storytelling a traveling red velvet back drop and our then three year old daughter in the middle of the show walking onto the designated “stage area” it was fun. All around a great experience including performing for kids whose parents were homeless.

Magic Neighbors are a Good thing For Small Businesses

Building Back

From the very beginning, several years ago, Magic Neighbors were the key component of why doing match up between residents as well as local businesses, because those who lived in Inwood Manhattan were motivated to make purchases local. And although with the Pandemic, inflation and more, some of this special relationship between neighbors and small businesses shifted, now it is beginning to build back again.

Favorites in the Community

Did you realize, that if you know what you are doing you can have access to free resources that in conjunction with special hacks can result in you getting, at no cost, knowledge of and how to find new customers? Many of the local businesses in this unique Northern Manhattan section of NYC, felt the negative impact of the pandemic. Some of them were major favorites with the community,.

Getting through the Difficult Days

But pre COVID, but because these businesses were dependent on the in-person approach, many of these jewels of entrepreneurism had to close eventually. Some though, were able to add digital to their offerings, where customers could be a part of a group from the neighborhood, through streaming video means. This strategy worked for some and not for others. If you are a small business in a community somewhere in the U.S., were you able to leverage digital to get back on track? Please let us know if the power of Magic Neighbors got you through this very difficult section of time.

Do You Wish You had Magic Neighbors because as a Business Owner You Need a “Method How” to Attract Customers which is a Problem You are Trying to Solve?

A Myth About “How To” Beat Competitors You Probably Still Believe?

Look, if you are in business, you want to beat the competition. But the myth about a “Method How” to do is just that. A myth. For example, we had an in-person business in the heart of Manhattan, NYC, one of the most competitive cities in the world, and yet for twelve years straight we maintained a flourishing company. How did we do it? In part it was due to creating a “Method How” to be able to be successful. Having been intrigued for many years about systems and methodologies, we designed one that worked for us.

Always Evolve, Update and Learn

Different from a marketing plan, our “Method How” was a detailed step by step collection of strategies, each with its own particular focus, purpose, and outcome. We had a “Method How” to do, each of the things that we believed would be a challenge to us in just ten steps or so. And of course, as the climate of business changes, the various strategies needed to be updated as well.

An Easy, Fast and Effective Collection of Strategies, One as a Solution to Any Kind of Business Problem

We tell you about all this so that you have a concept of how we succeeded in an unbelievable competitive market. Media companies that did what we did were a dime a dozen and yet because we had a “Method How” to be able to face every kind of challenge, we survived for more than a decade in the heart of Manhattan, NYC, one of the most competitive markets in the USA .

Ignore the Myths

We imagine that you may face as a business owner or someone who is starting a company, similar walls to break through. And if you want to break through the walls to get more success for your current business or a company you want to create, ignore the myth that you need a lot of money for advertising and so on.

Face Your Challenges

Instead get what is most import with no cost, if you qualify as a part of the “U.S. in Need” program which gives you access to the exact strategy you need, that shows you a “Method How,” in just ten steps, to take on any of your entrepreneurial challenges.

It is Nice to Have Magic Neighbors like Magic Authors and Celebrity Magicians, and Maybe Even Learn a Bit About How They Do What They Do

How to Start Your Career as a Magic Author

You have several options these days for getting into the area of being a magic author. One way is to self-publish. There is a lot of information out there on how to write and market your own eBooks. And once you write your book you can sell it through online shops ranging from those that have a section for magic, through to sites that just sell magic books on the web.

Magic Books Sold by Retailers

There still is a market, though it is now a lot smaller, for writing and selling conjuring materials through magic retailers, as in offline and online shops. One thing you could do would be to put together a digital promotion kit on your book, then research to obtain a list of magic entities throughout the country, to contact via email and present your work. You can also attend physically or online, magic conventions to meet, get to know and build up your contact list.

Internet Age

As is the case in these days of the web, with some online research you can discover several ways to market and sell your educational wares. The goal is to think creatively and outside of the box, to come up with untapped markets to offer your publications for purchase.

Being a Celebrity Magician

Shifting gears, a bit, maybe you want to be a world-famous magician and mentalist. It goes without saying that becoming a celebrity is not the easiest of tasks. That said, any aspect of magic as well as life is tough, so facing the uphill battle of becoming recognized, depending on your personality and outlook, is a possibility.

What it Takes to Become Rich and Famous

It might seem a little bit silly to include “Celebrity” as an option of a kind of performer. As in all versions of celebrity, including actors, politicians, and other highly visible types of people, you must believe you can be famous and want it enough to keep moving forward, with a blinders level focus.

Believe, Believe and Believe

If you do not believe you can achieve celebrity, there is more than a 99.99 percent chance you will not. But if you do believe it and have drive too, your shot at it goes up a little bit. The missing ingredient that most magicians and actors who just have belief and drive need, is the innate ability to network up without pissing off too many people along the way.

7 Easy (Depending) Steps that are Low or No Cost for a Magic Neighbors “Cause Marketing” Campaign, Enabling You to Make a Difference in Your Online or In-Person Community as You Grow Your Business

The 7 step Cause Marketing Strategy we are about to show you, might be right for you if you are a small business owner who has a passion for a particular cause that transforms peoples’ lives for the better. The 7 steps will be easy for some and not so simple for others. But either way, it truly is not that difficult in the big picture. And of course, you could always get help with doing it. Plus, it’s all for a good cause, which is to help your Magic Neighbors.

1. Volunteers
At the start of this blog post, we mentioned that a great way to assist the nonprofit you have elected to support, bringing in your employers can be a workable idea to consider, that includes getting the enthusiastic buy in for your teams’ participation. If you are a solopreneur, you can of course volunteer yourself. It is important to note, that especially in these times of the new variant Omicron, you might want to consider virtual volunteering rather than in-person.

2. Search
If you do not yet have one and need to find the right nonprofit organization to partner with, a great place to start is using you search engine of choice. Before you actually begin to seek, it is often a good idea to make a list of characteristics you are looking for. Often for best results both for your business and the organization you select, is to look for a group that has a cause you share a passion with. That way you will have the motivation and energy to keep moving forward. Another component to think about is that both your nonprofit and your business somehow connect. Depending on your industry, coming up with keywords for it can sometimes help zero in on a partner. The concept is that one of the words might trigger and idea for a partner.

3. Donations
There is always the option of monetary support of the organization you are sponsoring. If you wish to do this approach rather than sweat equity, you will still be able to integrate the industry into a campaign, that might also include the organization you have chosen.

4. Promote
We have mentioned the possibility of having a marketing campaign. Do not worry, something can be pulled together that is low or no cost. The limits are only your imagination and willingness to spend time. In this instance using all all free marketing tools, means the “free” stems from you putting in the work without having to spend actual currency. The tools that you have gotten either for free or paid can be patchworked together in a single message campaign. Let the viewers know why the nonprofit’s mission and cause is very important to you because of a personal connection to it. Then tell that story revealing why you are involved with helping along this particular cause.

5. Action
With the focus to both talk about you being very suportive ot the nonprofit organization and why that particular cause is very important to you. In a simple and not overdone manner, be sure to be clear about your business and how it is connected in various ways with the organization. Don’t forget the CTA (Call to Action) telling the viewers at the end of the presentation, step by step what you want them to you. The offer could be to help others donate to the organization. Or, even be that for every product/service that those watching make, a portion will go to the organization.

6. Pay?
You likely have come to the conclusion that nothing is truly free, but in this instance, you have two ways to pay for the online marketing tools that you will need for your campaign. The first way is to buy them with money. The “free” way is to put the time and effort into researching and learning how to use the no cost tools include email marketing, SEO, website builders and more.

7. Free?
The surprisingly best kept secret is that you can get all these forms of promotion for free by searching for tool providers that offer a free version of what you are looking for. There are literally hundreds and hundreds maybe even thousands of companies that have an entirely free option of their paid offerings. Why do this? It is usually because they think that you might eventually decide to go premium thereby getting an expansion of what is possible.

Because it feels good to help your Magic Neighbors.

Magic Neighbors Who Have Community Theater Companies Might Benefit From a Free Blog

Magic Neighbors Will You Network as You Use Your Free Blog?

Hello Magic Neighbors, or more specifically, Magic Neighbors who are currently making a difference in their communities via theater arts. We give thanks to you for entertaining those in your community. Performance is an important way to bring people together. A communal performance experience is valuable and helps to activate and define members of your community. That said, this post is going to be a little bit different than those we normally do. In this one we are going to explore something that you and your company might find useful. We’ll be breaking down the elements that are important parts of gaining support for your organization. We are taking a look at how having a free blog could be useful to you.

Here is a Free Blog Opportunity to Use a Free Blog to Network has a free blog option that might be helpful for you. If you are a business owner or someone who is developing a business idea, this potentially could be a good fit for you, that if you are interested in mingling online with other business owners and protentional employers. The great thing for those interested in networking, it is a chance to get out there what industry you are in and what problem you solve.

Digital Information Product Creators have a Unique Advantage When Networking with Their Free Blog

Some find Linkedin to be a solid place to ask business questions of experts as well as an opportunity for sharing your expertise and letting it be known you have the solution to the problems of those in your industry. And if you are a Digital Information Product Creator you possibly have an edge going for you which is the fact if there is interest in checking out your wares, is just a click away and downloadable too.

A Question to Ask Yourself if You are Considering Doing Your Free Blog in Conjunction with Network

The information you are currently reading is intended for those who are currently D.I.P.C.s. and are using something like the original “Create Promote Sell Repeat” system we use and are currently building strategy to strategy to get the results you need to survive tested and documented. That is why finding out if is your cup of tea in terms of answering the question “Would Linkedin participants be possible future customers?”

The “Must Mention” Free Blog Provider

WordPress needs to be brought up in this forum since it currently makes up for around 30% of all blog and websites in the country and even world. WordPress has a blog solution that is free to use. It is stripped down in terms of features, so that it is really a simple solution to getting the word out to your audience of potential customers.

Free Blog Solution if You Have Access to Host Account

For those of you who have access to hosting, it is possible to take things further by choosing what WordPress likes to refer to as “theme” which essentially a means of choosing what your site will look like. If you have hosting access you can then be able to get what WP calls “plugins” for free and in some instances paid for. Plugins give you different functions that you can integrate into your blog.

Free Blog, No Host Access Necessary

But since our goal is to facilitate that you get everything free, a free WordPress blog would be a considerably basic site that does not have many options. Though, it might be a good idea to keep things simple even if you already have a business or are seeking to evolve one.

The Risk of Using Your Free Blog to Talk About Works in Progress

It can be empowering to share with your public what your long terms plans are. That is where a simple WordPress site could help. Though you want to think this approach through carefully, because the risk of sharing your plans it that what you are talking about today may not happen tomorrow. As well as you might be letting out secrets of your business plan that others can take and make their own and maybe even beat you to the marketplace with their version.

The Two Sides of a Free Blog Provider

It should be explained that there are two sites for WordPress. One is and the other is Both are for different purposes. is where you can free and paid blog options. Whereas is for those who have access to a server and a domain and can install themes and plugins

Same Company Owns Yet another Source for Free Website

WordPress is owned by Atomattic, a company that also owns a popular social media site which is yet another place you can get a free blog from. Tumblr is primarily as a place to share things visually in pictures and videos, but for some business owners and those with a business idea, could call home.

On their homepage, describe what they offer with these words:

“Tumblr is so easy to use that it’s hard to explain. We made it really, simple for people to make a blog and put whatever they want on it. Stories, photos, GIFs, TV shows, links, quips, dumb jokes, smart jokes, Spotify tracks, mp3s, videos, fashion, art, deep stuff. Tumblr is 526 million different blogs, filled with literally whatever.”

Magic Neighbors What Will You do Now?

Do you already have a blog but do not update it as much as you might like? Will you get a free blog? Whatever media path you choose, online methods can bring people together. We look forward to see how you reach out to your community as well as those who can help you.

The Relationship that Prestidigitation has to Marketing

Passing Out the Magic

The Magic Neighbors Troupe was a traveling magic and puppet show that performed at various New York Public Libraries (NYPL) for families and kids. Kids are more apt to believe that magic is real than grownups are. As adults we tend to get more cynical and practical and break away from having a positive and fresh outlook on life. The fairy tale perception we once enjoyed is somehow traded in for stress and responsibility. But it does not have to be like that. Taking cues from prestidigitators, we can ensure our products and services become visible to those who need them and maybe even evoking a little magic along the way. How can this be done?

Focus and Misdirection

Magicians (and even those who perform for kids), use performance strategies on their audiences that eerily mimic those of marketers writing sales letters. For example, marketers as well as magicians make certain to be ready for objections from their audiences and can put a spin on doubt transforming it into acceptance. This framing of doubt and questioning its validity can be a process that leads you toward getting more prospects and ultimately customers.

Using Magic for the Good of the Community

Misdirection and focus are both powerful tools used by magicians and small business owners alike. Marketers use these tools to help you align and have an impact on your prospects in a manner that builds trust. Magicians know how to get you to focus on the things that they want you to focus on. Marketers also use this strategy because they recognize that people do not have much of an attention span, so you need to point your future clients towards exactly what you want to show them as well as the action you want them to take regarding your products and services. Just make sure to use your magic for the good of the community!

Yianni Stamas talks about Magic Neighbors and the 4th Day of Christmas

Diversity of Holidays

I just finished talking with my wife about “Four Calling Birds” and how in the 12 days of Christmas song the line used to be “Four Colly Birds.” If we were still performing regularly with the Magic Neighbors troupe doing New York Public Library performances, we might have integrated this fact and other info regarding traditions of the diverse holidays that are celebrated around this time.

Things Change

But our daughter is older now and not the young toddler who used to enjoy walking around the performance area during us performing near the book stacks with our portable stage curtains. Back then she wanted to be a part of the show, but her interests have developed into other things. And since much of what we do takes its cues from our daughter, for the moment anyway we have hung up our Magic Neighbors costumes in the back area of our closets. Plus of course, COVID-19 has made live performance difficult, substituted with virtual shows.

Origins of a Song

But the holidays are still fun and looking at the meaning and origin behind classic holiday songs is a part of that fun. For example, it turns out that “The Twelve Days of Christmas” began its own evolution in England in 1780 without music but rather as a chant or rhyme.

Did Harry Potter Leave His Glasses at Your Pool?

Bit of a Tan

Okay you did it. You broke down and accepted being a part of the hype when you asked Mr. Potter over for a dip. After racing him in the water a few times (making certain to let him win), you two agreed on a chat and laid down on chairs for a bit of a tan.

You Knew it Already

In your conversation you asked Harry the things you always wanted to know such as “What’s it like being so famous?” and “What is your favorite food?” And because H.P. is a good magic neighbor you listened in its entirety his life story which you already knew because you had read the books.

Time to Say “Goodbye”

With prodding Harry Potter did reveal some things you had never heard before. Mostly about the writer of the series and how she had created his story in the first place. The young magician began to visibly sweat as he continued  talking and brought up that the writer came from very challenging times and managed to write an outline and books despite (or maybe because of) the these distractions. Now that you were talking about this topic, Potter had had enough and said he had to leave. You nodded that you understood and said your goodbyes.

Note to Self

Minutes later you saw his spectacles had been forgotten. You knew Harry would be back to talk again. Though next time around it is advisable when speaking with him that you don’t bring up “Jo” again.  Storybook characters like to be in denial of the fact that they are fictional characters.

Magic Can Be for Grownups Too

One of the founders of Magic Neighbors recently performed for a well known magic society, not for kids as Magic Neighbors projects often are created for, but rather a breed of hocus pocus primarily done for adults known as mentalism. This performance marked a new direction Magic Neighbors is considering moving toward which is an older audience, possibly via video because of the Pandemic.